Explicit is a zine that focuses on the spectrum of bestiality and the interpretation of the female form in relation to animals, specifically rabbits.


Using references from vintage Playboy magazines and other cultural sources, comparisons are made between animalistic qualities given to humans or animals given humanistic, feminine qualities. Considering some of the confusion and anthropocentrism humans inherently have, the imagery and context suggests an amount of repulsion along with familiarity.

Jessica Rabbit

Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manefesto gave inspiration to the idea of animalistic features constructing women’s bodies. Considered one the milestones for post humanism, I translated the work to my own with comparisons of women and rabbits as a sexual societal norm overtly. Vintage Playboy magazine also gave inspiration with its photos of women dressed in rabbit costumes and other bi-species imagery. The context of women with animals or animalistic traits is seen as sexy and conventional, but the spectrum of animal traits in a sexual setting is limited before it becomes taboo.