How to be Human

How to be Human is a partly satirical publication about mouse-click activism also containing information about well known activists and articles.


Each chapter has specific step-by-step instructions in order to become more human. Not all steps are to be taken seriously, but hold some truth behind them. Sorting through the serious and not-so-serious steps is a good exercise for the reader to do their own thinking and not fall victim to groupthink tendencies.

You can't be neutral
on a moving train.

It’s supposed to be funny. We know those social media activists and we know they’re not really doing shit. They still have on their overpriced and unethical Anthropologie outfit while drinking imported charcoal infused matcha lattes while they post about inequality. These are the people we roll our eyes at; the people we look to for style and trends and feel good because our beliefs align. But it’s not just these people making these social media activist pit falls; it’s all of us. In western culture we have all fallen victim to these tendencies and coping mechanisms for life. We want to be good people. Posting about feminism and immigration is great don’t get me wrong, we’ve got to start the conversation somewhere, but real change comes from thinking for yourself and understanding the issues at hand.

Listen to those who are marginalized and make informed decisions!
Avoid group-think tendencies!
Donate money!
LISTEN don’t always be the one speaking!
Stand up for people in REAL LIFE!
Empower those weaker/in less power than you!
Accept your privilege!

Learn from the Best

A short Q&A from well-known activists is meant to inspire and cause introspection. Also article summaries about artists who use activism in their own practices allows for lazy readers to get the information they need without having to actually read the article.