ArtPrize is an open, independently organized international art competition located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Each year having a different visual brand, there is a variety of print and web collateral needed to brand the event. From the STEAM village (Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math) to Education Days for families there are different ways of experiencing art that ArtPrize offers.

Art for Everyone

Education Days offers free programs to PreK–12 school groups that are administered by leading cultural institutions. I designed a new system of icons to modernize the Education Days branding that includes simplified iconography and bold colors.

Mapping it Out

Each experience guide allows for visitors to choose how they want to spend their time at ArtPrize. The guides have specific recommendations and custom map that pertains to the theme (I.e. outdoor art/sunny day, rainy day, family guide and brew lovers) Those who don’t regularly attend museums or galleries can have a hard time interacting or understanding the art and feel judged; these guides give suggestions on how to do that and make ArtPrize more accessible and inclusive for everyone.