Red Cedar Log

The Red Cedar Log is Michigan State University’s Official yearbook.

As the design editor, I developed a brand for MSU’s 2018 yearbook that represented MSU but also stood out from their standard branding. I then worked with my team of designers to develop a range of layouts and icons to create visual variety throughout the yearbook.

The Annual Brand

The 2018 MSU yearbook needed to develop a brand that was recognizably related to MSU while being uniquely interesting and specific to 2018; this would lead to a higher number of books distributed. I designed the cover using an iconography map of MSU specific landmarks with vintage, warm elements to create feelings of nostalgia.

It's on us.

In response to the 2018 Larry Nassar case, students and faculty came together to support sexual assault survivors through protest and alliance. Due to the scope of the issue and the necessity to participate in the efforts we adapted the brand of the yearbook to highlight 2018 as the year of bravery and support for sexual support survivors. Using the teal color throughout the book as well as having a section dedicated to the events and changes on campus, we wanted to show that MSU is not  just defined by this, but that we are resilient and will listen and grow as a college in order to make our campus safe.